Insurance Subrogation

Recovering Compensation for Claims Payouts

Subrogation mitigates the financial losses incurred by insurers after paying covered claims. It is beneficial to the insurer, its policyholders, and its shareholders. Whenever an identifiable third-party is responsible for a covered loss, the insurer who paid for damages may pursue a subrogation case to recover for claims payouts. Brown Law Firm, PL can help insurers with these often complex claims.

At Brown Law Firm, PL, our experienced and professional insurance subrogation lawyers work closely with insurers, claims specialists, and subrogation teams to maximize financial recovery after insurers pay claims to policyholders. Protect your company’s bottom line, keep costs down for policyholders, and protect shareholders or company owners with the assistance of the attorneys at Brown Law Firm, PL.

Insurance Subrogation Cases 

Insurance subrogation cases are often complex. Brown Law Firm, PL has in-depth knowledge of this area of law so we can provide the representation you need to maximize your chances of successfully recovering compensation for claims payouts. Our legal team will be there every step of your way, working closely with you to identify all parties who could be liable, advising on evidence retention and examination, and working to build a strong case against individuals and businesses that should actually pay for damages.

When insurance subrogation cases are resolved in court, the concept of subrogation and your right to recover monetary payments must be explained in simple terms and your case must be presented in an understandable manner. You need an experienced litigator who is at home in a courtroom and prepared to aggressively advocate for your interests.  When cases are resolved outside of court, you need an experienced negotiator who is ready to present your demands and argue persuasively for your right to recover.  Brown Law Firm, PL is ready to help you in court or out of court with insurance subrogation cases.

Our firm understands that subrogation recoveries are one of three essential ways insurers bring in revenue, along with premiums and investments. Our legal team is dedicated to helping you maximize the money you receive. It is good for business, company owners, and policyholders for you to maximize recovery in subrogation cases. We take our role as your legal advocates seriously.

Contact an Experienced Insurance Subrogation Lawyer

 Brown Law Firm, PL attorneys are ready to work closely with you to maximize subrogation recovery. From identifying all liable parties to guiding you throughout the resolution of your claim, our attorneys will provide knowledgeable and skillful legal services. We’ll keep you updated, push your case forward, and help you use all available legal tools to recover money for claims paid out in any situation where damages should be recovered from those who caused harm.

To learn more about how our insurance subrogation lawyers can provide representation to agents and insurers after claims are paid, give us a call today: (407) 347-4908.