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Recovering Compensation For Claims Payouts

Whenever an identifiable third party is responsible for a covered loss, the insurer who paid for damages may pursue a subrogation case to recover for claims payouts. Subrogation mitigates the financial losses incurred by insurers after paying covered claims. It is a process highly beneficial not only to the insurer, but also its policyholders and its shareholders.

At Brown Law Firm, PL, our experienced attorneys work attentively with insurers, claims specialists and subrogation teams to maximize financial recovery after insurers pay claims to policyholders. Protect your company’s bottom line, keep costs down for policyholders, and protect shareholders or company owners with the assistance of our attorneys.

Building Strong Cases For Optimal Results

Subrogation recoveries are one of three essential ways insurers generate revenue, along with premiums and investments. Our attorneys at Brown Law Firm have in-depth knowledge of this area of law so we can provide the representation you need to maximize the amount of compensation for claims payouts. Our legal team will be there every step of your way, working closely with you to:

  • Examine evidence
  • Analyze and advise on evidence retention
  • Identify all parties who could be liable
  • Tailor strategies for a strong case

We are a small law firm. Attorneys Mathew & Tyler Brown are highly skilled in and out of the courtroom as well as before arbitral tribunals. While we often achieve favorable settlements outside the courtroom through persuasive argument, we meticulously prepare each case for aggressive courtroom litigation.

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Minimizing financial losses and maximizing subrogation recovery is a sophisticated process. Brown Law Firm, PL, is one of a select few law firms in Florida that provide the level of representation required for successful outcomes in this area of the law. Many of our new clients come to us by referral. Our clients appreciate not only our personalized and professional work ethics but also the results of our thorough representation. Call our office in Lake Mary at 407-686-1948 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.