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Mitigating Financial Loss:Timely Negotiation And

We work closely with insurance companies of all sizes. Our firm’s focus is to mitigate financial loss and maximize recovery figures in subrogation cases for homeowners’ policies. Brown Law Firm, PL is one of select few law firms in Florida with attorneys who have the experience and authority for successfully negotiating and litigating these types of complex cases. We identify all parties who could be liable, advise on evidence retention and examination, and build a strong case against all third-party individuals and businesses that should pay for damages. We believe holding responsible parties accountable is highly beneficial in the long-term for businesses, company owners, and policyholders.

Maximizing Compensation For Defective Or Dangerous Products

Defective manufacturing and dangerously designed products can cause significant damage to your home. From faulty toasters to malfunctioning water heaters and everything in between, the damage to your home can range from costly structural damages or destruction to the contents within your home. While these losses may be covered and paid for by homeowners’ insurance, our attorneys will pursue the manufacturer(s) responsible for crafting the defective or dangerous product.

If the court finds the evidence proves the manufacturer is to blame, the product manufacturer will be held legally responsible for covering losses. Drawing from in-depth experience in products liability cases, our attorneys work to identify defendants, compile data and evidence to demonstrate causation. This is the basis to effectively litigate or negotiate a settlement for monetary compensation.

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